Bluebirds 2018
Monday, 16 March 2009 18:58


Bluebirds is a band that plays: high energy, fun-filled fusion of Louisiana rock ´n roll,good old fashioned blues and rockabilly, sprinkled with a bit of tex - mex and garnished with soul. Bluebirds genuine musical mix has taken the band all over the world: Australia, USA, Europe and the Nordic countries.

The band is now almost back to the original setting, since the start in 1989. Or as Michelle for the Live Magazine (U.S.A) has written:“The irony of having a band from Sweden play American blues music betterthan nearly any group I had ever heard before was not lost on me”. Blues association of Queensland, Australia says:“Have you been waiting ´round for another band like The Fabulous Thunderbirds to come along? Well, your wait is over, Bluebirds have arrived”  With the sixth album “Blast from the past”, Bluebirds are ready to rock the house!


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